Leigh Branham Re-Engage

Employee Enagement…One Employee At A Time

Presented by: Leigh Branham, Founder/Principal, Keeping the People, Inc.,
and author of The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave and
Re-Engage: How America’s Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort in Extraordinary Times
(McGraw-Hill, 2010) – free signed copy to all who register and attend.
Who should attend: Line managers with direct reports who may have become less engaged for any of several reasons, including the uncertainty caused by job insecurity or disruptive change, and managers who simply want to get better at inspiring employee energy and enthusiasm and keeping them more fully engaged.
Learning Objectives:

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Describe the critical elements of employee engagement.
2. Distinguish degrees of engagement in their team members and identify those on whom they most want to focus their reengagement efforts.
3. Identify the correctable and avoidable root causes of employee disengagement.
4. Take away practical employee re-engagement best practices for dealing with current realities.
5. Prepare for and conduct an effective re-engagement discussion with one or more employees.
6. Use new insights and tools in Branham’s new book and participant workbook to engage and re-engage employees in the future.

Manager As A Career Coach

A Four-hour career coaching workshop for managers, including workbook

In the old days, when most companies were manufacturers, equipment was the resource they bought and maintained. Today, the key resource is the knowledge and talent of people, and career coaching is the way we maintain that resource. This workshop gives managers the tools for coaching their employees to career satisfaction and success within the organization.

Targeted Participants:

Managers with responsibility for developing their people.

Objective: To provide managers with a clearer understanding of the responsibilities as career coaches to their employees, the tools to carry out those responsibilities, and practice in using those tools.

Workshop Overview:

  • What’s in it for the organization, the employee, and you
  • Who’s responsible for what?
  • The old vs. new career contract
  • The career development partnering process in your organization
  • Your skills as a career coach (self assessment)
  • Four roles of a career coach
  • Different approaches for different employees
  • Introduction to employee career development plan and other self-management tools
  • Introduction to career coaching tools
  • The three-step career discussion process
  • Practice handling common career concerns and questions

Employee Assessment and Career Self-Management

A Two-day workshop of four hours each to help employees take charge of their own career development

Organizations can no longer afford tohave employees who lack self-knowledge, borrow the goals of others, and passively wait for the organization to manage their careers. In today’s world, organizations need self-managing employees who know what they want and take responsibility and the initiative for finding it. This workshop gives employees the tools to do just that.

Targeted Participants:

Employees interested in taking ownership of their own personal and career development.


to provide employees with greater understanding of their personality natural abilities, values and preferences, clearer career goals, and the tools for taking the initiative in their own career growth in the organization.

Workshop Overview:

First half-day:

  • What’s in it for the organization?
  • You, your manager, and the organization-who’s responsible for what?
  • The old vs. new career contract
  • The new ground rules for organizational career resilience
  • The career development process in your organization
  • Prioritizing your career concerns
  • Assessment of personality, ability, values and preferences
  • Building your personal career profile
  • Beginning the research process

Second half-day:

  • Reporting on results of initial research-key learnings
  • Six paths to career growth
  • Exploring job enrichment-growing in place
  • Understanding career paths in your organization
  • “Find-a-need-and-fill-it” exercise
  • Initiating and managing a career discussion with your manager
  • Cardinal rules for career growth
  • Obstacles to your development-within and without
  • The personal power grid and worksheet
  • Completing your career development action plan

Behavior Based Interviewing

[Four-hour behavioral interviewing skills workshop for hiring managers and HR professionals, including 35-page workbook]

Both research and practical experience have shown that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. This is why interviewing experts agree that the best way to predict future on-the-job performance is to gather detailed stories from applicants that either prove they have the required abilities or that they do not.

This four-hour session provides hiring managers with an overview of the interviewing method that is now widely recognized as the best predictor of job performance

Targeted participants:

Any manager or HR professional with responsibility for screening, interviewing, and hiring.


To give participants a solid understanding of the rationale and methods for skillfully preparing for and conducting behavior-based interviews, while also providing the opportunity for practicing a simulated behavior-based interview using an actual job to be filled.

Workshop Overview:

  • What is behavior-based interviewing?
  • Live demonstration
  • The S-A-R interviewing process
  • Rating candidates on required competencies
  • Preparing for a behavior-based interview
  • Checklist for Can-do, Will-do and Fit competencies
  • Sample questions
  • Writing questions for key competencies
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Structuring and managing the interview
  • Interview practice
  • Overcoming predictable stumbling blocks
  • Making it work in the real world

Limited to 25 participants


Bard Medical
BlueScope Steel (Butler Manufacturing Company)
C & S Corporation Consulting Engineers
Country Meadows Retirement Communities
General Electric Corporation
General Mills Corporation
Harrah’s Entertainment
Johnson County (Kansas) Sheriff’s Department
Mid-Atlantic Association for Court Management
Missouri Bank
The New Jersey Court System
New York State Unified Court System
Ocean County (N.J.) Library System
Oklahoma State University
Project Management Institute (PMI)
Pharma-Net, Inc.
Scott Specialty Gases
Space Coast Credit Union
Terracon (Consulting Engineers)
UniLever Corporation-Poland
Union Bank
United Missouri Bank
Westar Energy
Western Capital Mortgage Company

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